fiver is a new brand based in Italy thinking worldwide. fiver mix the best of the italian tradition in fabrics, finishees and beauty taste with a global culture. the collections move from a progressive street spirit throght urban
icons that want to mix different styles creating an original concept. we need to change direction from the standards, we need to offer to the people something “rich” as product and not just as label. We are maniacs of the details. our sound is urban, sporty, funny elegant, sophisticated. compilation of icons for your wardrobe. jackets, pants,
denim jeans, shirts, tshirt, sweaters and knits are like a journey through materials, finishes, colors and handmade ornaments in a constant evolution of new designs. fabrics and yarns are worked with stone washing, strong finishes, spray colors and different dyes. The basis is a research of fabrics, prints, new finishes and original details. fiver mix old-style, street classics, pop memories that create an original contrast where you can express your own style. FIVER PLAY YOUR BEAT.

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