The New Designers

Born in the 12th arrondissement of Paris, Alexander grew up in Saint-Gratien but still keeps in a corner of his head the capital. The cobblestones of the Rue du Sentier, which run alongside the workshop where his father worked, showed him the way to go. Alexander wants to follow in his footsteps.

In the 1990s, he left school to travel across the Atlantic. Chicago, NY, L.A, New Orleans. He is immersed in the urban culture and the state of mind of the self made man.

Back in France, he launched himself successfully in the streetwear. The young guards of French rap appreciate his creations and the giants of rap US (French Montana, Rick Ross) give him his letters of nobility.

Entrepreneur at heart, Alexander creates in 2012 The New Designers. The concept, finding young talent and offering them the opportunity to grow.

In 2012, he follows his instinct and imagines collections capsules that he launches through his website, mirror of his passion for fashion. Rooms reflecting the urban culture, mixed by the aspirations in vogue.

In this spirit, he exhibited his collections by opening the doors of a showroom in the heart of the Sentier district, a traditional landmark for textile lovers. Wink and tribute to the small workshop held by his father during his young years.

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