WeAretheSuperlativeConspiracy symbolizes what we as a company represent: a group and family of good, competent people working towards the same ideals and goals. The Superlative Conspiracy is the idea and philosophy behind our brand. We aim to address like-minded people, who are awake and aware, regardless of race, religion or financial background. People within the Superlative Conspiracy share the values and lifestyle of the WeSC founders, who were all avid skateboarders, snowboarders and, above all, creative minds.

Late in 1999, the founders of WeSC joined forces to deliver a broader selection of street-fashion for men and women. The concepts of the envisioned brand were not to be found in the distribution network that they related to, so together they took the initiative to formulate the Superlative Conspiracy, and bring you “life after skate”- a more developed style targeting people both within, and outside of the skateboard community, while continuing to share and maintain core values.

One of the most important components of the Superlative Conspiracy is the Weactivist- someone that is extremely good at what they do, world famous or totally unknown. A Weactivist is someone that has a streetwise mentality, blazing his, or her own path, with a humble persona. Essentially, they are an informal ambassador flying the flag of the Superlative Conspiracy in a variety of subcultures, such as skate, music, film and art. They are always a friend and never chosen at random.

It is this unique partnership with Weactivists, employees, accounts and friends, coupled with our unparalleled identity and brand building tactics that makes WeSC stand out from the rest. These relationships are the very foundation of the Superlative Conspiracy, and we invite you to share in them.

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